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I met Khanyo through an old friend of mine, she is the younger sister of my friend, so I have known her I think since she was in primary or high school. Khanyo really lives up to her name and brings so much light and positive energy wherever she goes. She is also equally bright and intelligent and has done really well in her career but I think the most interesting part of Khanyo’s life is her travels, this girl is very well travelled, in fact she currently lives in Paris but I will let her tell you about that.

My name is Khanyo Zuma and I am from Esikhawini Township in Kwazulu Natal. I am currently living in Paris, France. I work as a Finance Project Manager for the Africa, Middle East and Central Asia region. Beauty for me is an expression of who I am by accentuating what ‘my momma gave me’ and radiating on the inside and outside. πŸ™‚

Morning Skincare Routine

Mornings are always a rush as I am NOT a morning person *shuuuu* I cleanse my face with the Doctor Babor Ultimate Repair Cleanser using a cleansing brush and twice a week after cleansing I apply the Babor Cleanse and  Peel face mask to exfoliate my skin. I then use the Rose Toning Essence to tone and then apply first the Babor Moisture Glow Serum and then moisturize my skin using the Babor Intensive Repair Cream and then of course sunscreen. Just like one should never skip leg day, we should never skip applying sunscreen!


For my body I use Jo Malone body wash, I am obsessed with their products! My body is prone to being dry and also to stretch marks so for the past 15 years I have been applying Johnsons and Johnsons Tissue Oil before applying my body crème. Since moving to Paris I can’t find Johnsons tissue oil anywhere *cry with me* so I have started using Marseille Oil as an alternative.  In summer I apply Jo Malone body crème and in winter I apply L’Occitane rich body lotion with extra Shea butter as my skin tends to be drier in winter.


Evening Skincare Routine

My evening skincare routine is almost identical to my morning routine with the exception of no sunscreen and instead of a moisturizer I apply the Babor Ultimate Repair Mask that can be absorbed into my skin and work whilst I am having my beauty sleep. I wake up glowing.


Skin Conditions

In my teens and early adult years I suffered from acne so my late friend took me with her to her dermatologist who put me on Oratane for 7 months, it worked wonders *minus the crazy side effects* in treating my acne. After the treatment I was left with only acne scars so I started getting monthly facials to treat the acne scars. In South Africa, I was going to Life Day Spa in Fourways for my monthly facials and would alternate between chemical peels and micro needling treatments. Moving to Paris gave me high key anxiety as I had to do my research and find a place I could have my monthly facials done. Luckily I found a Beauty Institute that specializes in Babor products and does facials using the Babor tech microdermabrasion machine. Institut Paloma is a God send and the service is amazing.


I am currently using Jo Malone fragrances. I love their scents and also that I can mix different fragrances together to achieve a unique fragrance. It’s a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ My favourite fragrance is any Guerlain scent and I absolutely love shopping at their Champs Elysees store.


Where do you get your nails done? 

I get my nails done at Institut Monceau which is very convenient as it is close to my home and the therapists are so sweet and professional *when I can actually understand what they are saying*

Make up

The first time I wore a ‘full beat’ of makeup was most probably at my matric dance, however since Grade 9 I used to love ‘fleeking’ my brows, I even went as far as using those black coloured pencils which were part of our stationery at school.

The first make up item I bought for myself was most probably a lipstick as I have always loved lipstick. And it was probably Revlon as MAC was unknown to me back in the day.

Daily I wear lipstick and only use foundation when the streets are calling and I am getting dolled up and dressing up. I prefer letting my skin ‘breathe’ most of the time and because I have been doing facials for so long my skin now has a natural glow which I prefer over putting foundation daily. When I do apply foundation I use a sponge and always glossy lipstick as I lick my lips A LOT so matte lipstick is the ultimate no no for me.


What are your travel essentials? 

I never leave behind my sunscreen, eyebrow pencil ‘for the fleek’ and lipstick! My beauty routine when travelling is the same as my daily routine with the exception of exfoliating more regularly as my skin is more exposed to the sun when I am travelling cos sis loves her summer vacays πŸ™‚

The last series I binged watched was Netflix’s Greenleaf, the final season. The show is about a black family that runs a mega church in Memphis called Cavalry and the show is basically centred around their lives and the church with the main character being Grace Greenleaf, the daughter of Pastor Ray and Lady Mae who returns home after several years of being estranged from her family only to uncover a web of secrets and scandals that shake the family and the church. I love the show for its high entertainment value and Lady Mae is such a vibe, I love everything about her.


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