facial steaming


Facial steaming is a relaxing, detoxifying treatment. It is good for you especially if you have acne-prone skin and with limited access to beauty spa’s and the gym during the lock down it is a practice that you can do easily at home. To steam your face at home, you would pour boiling water into a bowl, put a towel over your head and allow the steam to embrace your face. There are also facial steamers that you can use, see here. You shouldn’t do this for longer than 10 minutes twice a week otherwise it will strip your skin of its natural oils. Some people also like to add essential oils or dried herbs to the water. It’s not ideal though for people with really dry skin, eczema and rosacea prone skin.


Below are the benefits of steaming your face:

  • The water vapour loosens dirt that is clogging the pores and the heat induces sweating which flushes out the pores
  • Clean pores are able to better absorb skin creams and active ingredients
  • Facial steaming has been deemed to be gentler on your skin than exfoliation. If you have very sensitive skin or acne prone skin this would be something worth considering.
  • It can also help boost hydration which helps to counteract ageing, boost hydration and radiance

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