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About Thembeka Mgobozi

Thembeka Mgobozi is a Marketing Innovation Manager and is also the owner of the beauty brand Sphalaphala Beauty. She grew up in Umlazi, Durban and currently resides in Johannesburg. I first met Thembeka a few years ago at her Sphalaphala Beauty Salon in Umlazi, I was accompanying a friend and she was a wonderful and helpful host. I then saw her again at the Mnikathi wedding at the Val de Vie Estate in Paarl (which was just beautiful) where she was a bridesmaid. She is always so well put together and being the owner of a beauty salon, it only makes sense. She was gracious enough to share her beauty regimen with us.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for me is about being the best version of yourself, it’s about radiating from the inside and being truly happy and content. That is when you’re at the peak of how beautiful you are.

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Skin Care

What is your morning skincare routine and what products do you use?

I use Lamelle products and follow a very simple routine for my face:

  • Wash
  • Apply serum
  • Apply a moisturiser
  • Apply sunscreen

For my body I love using a product called Mixa– my skin gets very dry and this is the only nourishing body cream that has worked in years! It’s available at Clicks and personally, it’s the new love of my life. Leaves my skin so soft and hydrated.

What is your night time skincare routine and what products do you use?

I follow the same regime at night but I use a night-time serum and omit the sunscreen. To end off my day I usually have some green tea and then light up some scented candles while I shower to just warm up the room and set the mood.

In the evenings I also enjoy a little self-care once a week, I use a body scrub to exfoliate my skin- Body Shop Shea butter or the Sorbet Sugar scrub. Usually followed by moisturising the skin with the Palmer’s oil and then some Jo Malone Peony & Blush crème.

Does your skincare routine change in winter and in summer? If yes, why do you change it & what products do you use?

Not really, my skin is consistently dry no matter what season we are in so I usually just use the same products throughout the year.

Do you have any specific skin conditions for example dryness, acne, pigmentation etc.? What products or regimen have you used to help you manage it?  

Dryness (body) – I use Mixa body butter, Palmers oil and I exfoliate and hydrate my skin a lot. I also have a terrible case of cold feet so my feet get moisturised and straight into socks. What I have also realised is that moisturising your skin while damp is far better, the dampness locks in moisture and keeps you hydrated for longer.

Last year I also started my journey with Skin Renewal, an aesthetics skin clinic. I had some stubborn pigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Nothing helped! Eventually a dermatologists recommended I see a derma who specialises in aesthetic problems. It’s been a year and there has been major improvement in my skin

  • My skin tone radiates and is even
  • I do monthly treatments at Skin Renewal (facials, peels etc) that have helped in fixing the pigmentation, dark circles and overall dull appearance I felt my skin had.
  • I also have a skincare regime for home use that has been prescribed by the Dr, this has active ingredients that tackle the problems I want to fix.

With any regime, it’s critical to drink enough water and try eat as healthy as possible because your skin is largely affected by what is happening inside.

Which beauty influencer inspires you?

Cynthia Gwebu– love her makeup tutorials, easy to follow and simple enough so it has been quite beneficial to me.



What fragrance are you currently using?

Tom Ford – Black Orchid and Bulgari are my favourites in winter.

What is your favourite fragrance of all time?

Oh wow what a difficult one, I am such a lover of fragrances that I usually pair 2 at a time. I think the one fragrance I always go back to is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. That or a combination of any Jo Malone intense fragrances, I love them!



Where do you get your nails done?

I go to The Loft in Fourways or Sphalaphala Beauty Salon if I am in Durban



Do you recall the first time that you wore makeup?

I was very young, my mother adored makeup so whenever I had a big party celebration, she would dress me up like a doll with some makeup. I must have been 5 years old and I knew, I never wanted us to part ways.

What is the first makeup item that you ever bought for yourself? What brand was it?

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.

What makeup products do you wear daily?

How do you apply foundation? Hands, sponge or brush?

I use a brush for foundation

Matte lips or glossy lips? Matte

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What three products would you not leave behind when travelling?

Sunscreen, face moisturiser & wash. I would also not be able to survive without a bronze primer because when I travel, I hardly wear makeup but when I use a bronzer primer it has that glossy, glow effect on my skin. It’s perfect!

What is the last TV series that you binge-watched? Share a brief review

Glee! A musical comedy- series about a group of high school misfits who defeat all odds to become the best version of themselves in the show business world of entertainment. They are outcasts, not cool enough high school kids who are musically talented and have a lot of potential.


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