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If you’re new to makeup or have been playing around with it, makeup brushes can initially be intimidating if you don’t know which one to use for which product. If have been using it for a while but just aren’t sure which are the basic brushes you should be using and for which product, hopefully this will help. Makeup brushes are a necessary tool and worth investing in for that flawless, airbrushed or natural finish that we all aspire for when applying makeup. It’s also important to consider the format of the product that you are using, for example if it’s a cream, liquid or powder because the brush you choose to use has to be complementary to that product in order to achieve the desired end result. Below are the basic brushes that you need:

Powder Brush

The biggest, thickest brush with the most bristles on it is usually the powder brush. In fact some makeup artists use it to apply body make up as well to even out skin tone on arms or legs or cover up scars. You can also use it on your shoulders and decolletage to apply body shimmer. On your face, you use it to apply powder and to also lightly apply blush if you don’t have a blush brush.

powder brush

Foundation Brush

The second thickest and biggest brush is usually the foundation brush and you use it to apply foundation on your face and neck. The advantage of using a brush to apply makeup and not a sponge is that it won’t waste your foundation and is a better tool for building coverage. An angled foundation brush will give you better full coverage without having to keep adding more product whilst a more dense, round foundation brush works better for acne prone skin as it provides even more coverage.

foundation brush

Eye shadow Brush

I would recommend an eye shadow blender brush for everyday use because you can use it to apply the eye shadow and then blend it.

eyeshadow brush

Brow brush

I suck at doing brows so I use a spoolie brush to shape my eyebrows. The spoolie is the one that looks like a mascara wand. You can also use a brow brush that has comb/brush to groom your brows. A brow brush though is also great for brow definition and to fill in fine hairs for a fuller brow look.

brow brushes

Concealer Brush/ Blender

I use a blender to apply concealer, you have to wet the beauty blender so that it’s damp when you use it. I use it to push product into my skin, I blot it where I have placed my concealer so that the product blends into my skin. A blender can also help you achieve that airbrush finish. A concealer brush is better to use to apply concealer on other parts of the face and it will also help for creases, to cover outbreaks and for fine lines and wrinkles.

concealer blender

Fan Brush

I love this brush, you use it to lightly dust highlighter on your cheekbones. You do not want to use a heavy hand for highlighter so this brush helps you to apply lightly.

fan brush



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