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Lebo Moloi is a travel blogger that I met in the corporate streets, please follow her @_lebo_moloi on Instagram and check out her blog for updates on all her travel adventures. One of the things I love about her is how we laugh when we are chatting, we can spend the first few minutes of a phone calling just having a good laugh before we go into conversation.

Skin Care

What is your morning skincare routine and what products do you use?

I wash my face with warm water and then apply the Milky Cleansing Foam, I then use a cotton pad for the witch hazel & rose water and I complete the routine with either the Nivea Sunscreen or the Revitalift Energising Red Cream

What is your night time skincare routine and what products do you use?

I am quite to have a full on night routine (hides face) so I generally just wash my face with the Pure Clay Detox Wash, then apply the Nivea Even Tone Night Cream

Does your skincare routine change in winter and in summer? If yes, why do you change it?

In winter I add Vaseline to my skincare routine, because it keeps me warm and nourishes my skin more effectively than lotion

Do you have any specific skin conditions for example dryness, acne, pigmentation etc.? What products or regimen have you used to help you manage it?

Fortunately for me I do not have any skin conditions. But this one time I developed a bit of eczema on my neck and I used the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and in a weeks’ time it was all gone.



What fragrance are you currently using? Black Opium by YSL

What is your favourite fragrance of all time? Twilly D’Hermes



Where do you get your nails done? And how often?

I do my manicure by Gabby in Tembisa (@nailsbygabby_sa) or Olivia in Mabopane (@olilek_beauty_studio) and my pedi at Sorbet. Pre COVID-19, I would do my mani and pedi every month end



Do you recall the first time that you wore makeup?

It was in Primary School and I wore makeup for a beauty contest we had.

What is the first makeup item that you ever bought for yourself? What brand was it?

Studio Fix Foundation by Mac

What makeup products do you wear daily?

I hardly wear makeup but when I do, I use liquid foundation, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter and lip gloss

Matte lips or glossy lips?

Depends on my mood, but glossy lips take the cup!

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What three products would you not leave behind when travelling?

Sunscreen, Lip Balm and perfume

Do you have travel beauty routine?

I usually go for a Power Peel facial at Sorbet a week before I travel. My skin will be exposed to unfamiliar conditions and this treatment helps protect my skin.

What is the last TV series that you binge-watched? Share a brief review

Little Fires Everywhere – The story is centralised around a controlling but amiable middle class white woman who rents out an apartment to a “poor” single African American woman, the story follows their lives and their daily challenges as secrets are revealed. Each episode leaves you intrigued and engaged as you realise that not everything is as it seems and that we all have secrets/demons that we try to run away from and the only way to deal with the situation is by facing it head on and having an open mind. It is a very thought-provoking series which will leave you with a lot of insights. 

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  1. August 5, 2020 / 11:49 pm

    Interesting interview with Lebo I must say. Over here in Nigeria, we also use vaseline a whole lot but not during winter, we ain’t got that. We use it as protection during the harmattan season when the air is really dry. I’ll be checking her travel blog. Cheers!

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