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Have you been back to the hair salon since we have been on level 3 of the lockdown? Is it safe to go back to the salon? Well I did. I remember receiving a news24 notification for an article indicating that hair salons are allowed to operate. I immediately sent my hairstylist a WhatsApp message and setup an appointment. If the lockdown taught me anything, it is that I am not good at taking care of my hair myself. It was so much effort and I just wanted to do braids so I would not have to focus on my hair for over 30 minutes every morning. I am also quite loyal to my hairstylist and knew that she was itching to get back to work and generate income. I really wanted to support her and help her get back on her feet.

I must say that I was so impressed because she took all the necessary precautions, I waited outside the hair salon in my car until she sent me a message asking me to come in. I only entered the salon once the client that she was busy with before me was done. She sanitized the space and me upon entry. We both wore masks the entire time and there was no one else there except myself, her and her assistant. Please see below some of my suggestions for consideration when you go to the hair salon if you haven’t been yet:

  • You can’t take people with you to the salon

You can’t take a friend or your child with you to the hair salon now. The more people that are present at the premises increases the risk of infection. It’s best to make a plan for someone to look after your child whilst you are there. It’s just not going to be the vibe that it used to be.

  • You have to wear a mask

I think this goes without saying. Your hairstylist and their assistant also need to wear a mask at all times and if they wear a face shield as well, even better because you know that they are being extra cautious.

  • Pay via e-wallet

Have you noticed how unhygienic pay point machines are now? We are all pressing them to key in our bank card pins and it potentially exposes us to the virus. If the salon can offer you the option to pay them via e-wallet, I think it’s the best to take them up on it as it minimises your risk and exposure. You can still give your hair stylist a cash tip though.


  • Appointments only

I am only going to hair salons that are booking via appointment only. Having people walk in without appointments and then sitting and waiting around again increases the risk of getting the virus. And any salon that allows walk ins and people sitting and waiting for over an hour minimum is not taking the pandemic seriously. This of course will be difficult for them to do because they are used to being busy with a few clients at the same time but for everybody’s safety, they will have to work on one person at a time, as it is just safer.

  • Everything has to be sanitized

Sanitizing should start with you as you enter the door, the hairstylist should sanitize the chair and space that you will be using and their equipment.

I hope the above is helpful. I don’t plan on going to the hair salon as regularly as I used to, maybe once every 3 months when I get really frustrated with my hair and cannot handle it anymore. I would also advise doing hairstyles that last a long time. It’s important that the hair salons are taking precautions though and if they aren’t then do not bother staying, it’s for your own safety that you leave.

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