rich mnisi classic jumper

rich mnisi

I was introduced to Rich Mnisi’s work through the collaborations with Woolworths, the Style by SA capsule collections. He then later did a collaboration with Coca Cola on an initiative led by Coca Cola Africa called Coke Threds where they partnered with a few designers on a youthful fashion collection. The pleated skirt by Rich Mnisi in that collection sold out quickly and I know because I really wanted it! He recently announced his Azania 2 lounge wear collection which had social media buzzing and it didn’t end at just a buzz, see images below of celebrities who have supported him and are showing off their Rich Mnisi items from the collection. The item that drew my attention in the collection is what he calls the Rich Mnisi Classic Jumper, which is available in various colours.

Many successful fashion brands started off with a hero item or fabric which heroes their brand and evolves with them over time. The formula has been to build an audience with a hero product and then use that momentum to develop more products. I think that the jumper is Rich Mnisi’s hero, in fact I hope it is the hero because I would eventually like to own one when I can afford it.  This is also not the first time that he has made this jumper, it has been part of his previous collections. In the current Black Lives Matter climate, we are rooting for black business and brands, and in this specific case black, luxury brands. We need these options that we can channel our money to when we want to splurge a little. I am excited to see what the future holds for the Rich Mnisi brand.

Image source – Instagram



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