baby essentials: stokke flexi bath

My favourite baby brand is Stokke. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was obsessed with this brand, we bought the whole travel system from them and have used it for both our babies. I also bought the Stokke Flexi bath with the main appeal being that it was a Stokke bath, did I need another reason?


The Stokke flexi bath as the name alludes is flexible, it folds and can be stored away neatly. Both of my boys used to scream blue murder in the first 3 months during bath time. It was such an anxiety inducing task because nothing I did would soothe them. The most important thing for me was to ensure that bath time ended as quickly as possible so that the anguish would end for both of us. Bathing a new-born baby is very tricky, it’s the one time I wished I had an extra set of hands. You use one arm to hold the baby and the other to actually bath the baby and as if that’s not tricky enough add the screaming baby. The Stokke flexi bath also offers a new-born support stand which you place inside the flexi bath and baby lies on it. This helps to free up your hands and can actually speed up bath time. Unfortunately the Stokke Flexi bath and the new-born support are sold separately so please ensure that you buy both.


The flexibility of the bath makes it easier to pack especially because babies need so many things when you’re travelling with them. We have taken it with us when we go to visit family and for our own local family holidays. At 5 months old baby started enjoying bath time, the crying had stopped completely and he was now starting to explore by using his leg to splash the water. I then started using the Stokke Flexi Bath toy cups to encourage him to play with the water and start having fun in it. The cups come in four colours and they rain, pour, shower and stack. He is now 6 months and can sit on his own on the support stand. He uses his hands to splash the water happily whilst making a wet mess which I don’t mind cleaning up 🙂 He loves watching me fill the cups and shower him with the water, he also tries to grab the water with his cute little hands. The cups are soft and he loves putting them in his mouth and trying to bite them.


I went to the Mama Magic Baby Expo in December and discovered that Stokke also now offers a Stokke Flexi bath stand. Most mommies suffer from back pain after birth, I am one of them and the stand just relieves you from having to bend down every day when bathing baby. I used the Stokke Flexi Bath for both my babies and it offers some great benefits.

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