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Hey guys, I’m back!

I know it has been a while since I last posted any content on my blog, a long while in fact. The key reason being I fell pregnant in 2018 and gave birth to my second baby in June 2019. I have been at home with him for the last 6 months and recently just went back to work. I had forgotten how much work it is to look after a new-born baby especially because I am one of those moms who prefer to do majority of the tasks myself (very hands on). I only employed a nanny for my baby in the last month of my maternity leave so that he could start transitioning to not being with me every day otherwise I was his primary care giver for almost all 6 months of his life so I was quite overwhelmed.


With this being my second baby and the same gender (boys!), I already had quite a few essential items that most moms require to look after baby but I also bought a few things that I had not used with my first baby. I wanted to share a few of those items with you and how they have helped me during baby’s first few months.


The first item is the sleeping pod, nesting pod, sensory lounger etc. there are so many different names for this product and I prefer to call it the sleeping pod. I bought one for my son from Ko-Coon (@_ko_coon) on Instagram at the Mama Magic Baby Expo. They manufacture them themselves with merino wool and other natural fibres. My baby has been sleeping on it for his entire little life and I have found that it has the following benefits for him and us:

  • As the name Ko-Coon suggests, the sleeping pod acts as a cocoon for the baby and creates a warm and comfortable environment for him to sleep in. Newborns seek warmth and comfort in their first few months and this offers a great way for them to transition to sleeping outside of mommy’s tummy or against mommy’s skin.
  • If you co-sleep with your baby, the sleeping pod protects the baby from you sleeping on them or squashing them by accident. It creates a barrier for you not to hurt them in any way during your sleep. Remember that as a new parent, you are exhausted and hardly sleeping so accidents are most likely to happen. I didn’t co-sleep with my first born because I was afraid of anything happening to him and I was able to co-sleep with my second born because of the sleeping pod.
  • I also found that baby slept for longer in the sleeping pod than the alternatives that I had at home for him. I had a baby bouncer downstairs which I used for him to sleep in during the day and it just didn’t work as well as the sleeping pod.
  • When baby starts rolling over and moving around more, the sleeping pod reduces the chances of him rolling off the bed and getting hurt.
  • Both of my babies loved sleeping on their tummies with head buried in the pillow or sleeping pod and most relatives and friends who used to see them sleeping like this would get worried and shocked because you’re not sure if they’re still breathing. But no matter how many times I would turn their head within minutes they would resume the head down position again. The Ko-Coon sleeping pod was great for me because it was breathable and put me at ease to the risk of baby suffocating.

I have found the sleeping pod to be a great investment for baby. At 6 months he is quite big now and we have opened it for him so that he can still sleep on it in his cot. We just bought a new cover for the pod which enabled us to do this. So it can also grow with baby as they get bigger.


If you are looking to buy one or read more about it, below are quite a few options for you:

All the best mommies 🙂

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  1. Silindile
    January 23, 2020 / 3:50 pm

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t get one with my previous baby. I’m cutting down on the essentials I’m buying cause last time I bought a lot of useless stuff. I’m def getting one

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