I spent my birthday in Cape Town this year and most of the day at the lovely Babylonstoren Wine Farm. We arrived early on Wednesday morning at the farm for our spa appointment, what we didn’t know was how big the farm was and that the spa was right at the back. We ended up doing a very brisk walk through the farm, stopping here and there for a picture. The spa is perfectly positioned at the back for the farm and is tranquil and quiet. They took us through to the quaint change rooms and then through to the waiting area. We had booked our treatments as a couple, body and foot massages as well as facials. The treatments were so good we fell fast asleep. Afterwards they directed us to the pool, sauna and jacuzzi are to cool off and whilst we were there we were also offered fruit snacks, yum!



After our spa experience we had booked to have lunch at Babel, one of the restaurants on the wine farm. They pride themselves in utilising food fresh from the garden to prepare their meals, from farm to fork. As we were browsing through the menu, our lovely waitress (she really was lovely and treated us well) warned us that their food portions are very generous and she wasn’t joking. If you ever go to Babel, go on an empty stomach!! The food was healthy and delicious, a somewhat difficult combination to achieve. My tummy was literally bursting when we left and we had starters, mains and dessert. We had also told them it was my birthday and they gave me beautiful bouquet of flowers.



We then went on a garden tour, the garden at Babylonstoren is big and beautiful, you can tell that it has been a labour of love for them. They also have a store at the entrance where they sell fresh ingredients and unique household items. I loved that being there can actually be a full day experience as you explore all the different parts of the farm. It comes highly recommended for the next time you’re in Cape Town. I would definitely go again.


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