I watched both Season 1 and Season 2 of the Being Bonang reality TV show and witnessed how the term mo’ghel came to be a part of our everyday vocabulary. Bonang actually took the opportunity to explain the origin of some her famous sayings, see the meanings below:

  • Mo’ghel – refers to her girlfriends
  • Bafe – means to give
  • Minora – means to slay
  • Ha e duma – means to keep going


In season 1 I felt like Bonang was very guarded and we were not really seeing her authentic self when she is not working and around people who are close to her. In season 2 though, I did feel like she was starting to open up and share a bit more of herself with us and I actually started becoming a fan of the show. When she announced that she was releasing a limited edition range of t-shirts, I was excited and couldn’t wait to purchase a  few because you can never have enough white t-shirts! When the range was finally available to purchase, I was shocked by the selling price being R399 and opted to just buy one t-shirt as I also wasn’t too sure of the quality of it either. It’s really unfortunate about the pricing because I think far more people would have supported her and bought the t-shirts, I definitely would have bought more than one. Nonetheless I have only worn my t-shirt once so far, see images below and Bonang even commented on my Instagram post where I am wearing the t-shirt, yay!



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