flexibility.. what my son is teaching me


Before I became a mother I used to be such a control freak (I am sure all my friends reading this are nodding lol, well at least I am self-aware *flicks hair*), I have always been very organised and would plan my life, holidays and anything else that I could right down to the last detail. This would then give me the comforting feeling of control and when things didn’t go according to plan, there was definitely a backup alternative. One of the huge talking points at my wedding celebration in 2015 was how I had sent briefs to every single person that spoke, our entire bridal party and other supporting role players on what they had to say, when everything would happen etc. I was always on top of my ish.

Fast forward to 3 years into being a mom and this aspect of my character has evolved into me being far more flexible than I ever could have imagined myself being before becoming a mother. It started with tracking my son’s milestones in his first year, like sitting, crawling, walking etc. I learnt very quickly to move away from all the timing guidelines that I was reading about on apps, baby and mom websites, social media mommy groups as well as the occasional book. It was hard for me but I also understood that he would eventually reach all the milestones and I had to take the time to enjoy each one and not stress about him reaching the next one.


Babies are also just so curious and everything around them is a new wonder and just watching the amazement in their eyes at all the basic things that we take for granted is enough to penetrate any lack of flexibility that I still possessed. I am still very organised and plan quite a few aspects of my life but I am far more lax about it and my approach especially with my baby is more focused on enjoying every moment. It was quite a shift in my mind-set and there have been moments where I had to give myself a good talking to and to just let things be. Being present and flexible has made me into the mother that I want my child to experience and to have and the benefits have been far more valuable than I could have ever imagined, I have such a happy child and I get countless hugs and moments where he stares into my eyes with pure love.


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