review: fenty beauty products


Fenty Beauty has been on my makeup bucket list since it launched. Unfortunately it’s not available in South Africa so there are only two ways to get it and that is either by asking someone travelling overseas to buy it for you or by travelling overseas yourself and buying it yourself. I had the opportunity to travel and I wasn’t going to come back without my Fenty Beauty.

I was so excited when I walked into Harvey Nichols, I went straight to the Fenty Beauty counter and immediately went to the Mattemoiselle lipsticks. I swatched all the shades and settled on 3 that I loved, Single (a nude shade), Snatched (a lovely pink shade) & Griselda (a deep violet shade). I then laid my eyes on the Stunna Lip Paint, a red shade that apparently suits all skin tones called Uncensored. I then asked one of the Fenty makeup artists to help me find my foundation shade, we swatched quite a few foundation shades, which is quite a normal problem for me and we eventually settled on #370. I also bought the primer and at this point I was deliriously happy and content with what I had acquired.


Having tried all the products I bought I must mention that Rihanna didn’t just decide to start another makeup brand, she really thought it through and you can see this in the quality of her products and how they address beauty issues that have been around for years. The Mattemoiselle lipsticks are not dry when you apply like most matte finish lipsticks, they are full of moisture, have a matte finish and last for a while. The Stunna lip paint is just amazing, the first lip stick that for me doesn’t require a lip liner and again lasts for a while. I am looking forward to acquiring more products from the range like the new Stunna lip paints in Unveil, Unbuttoned, Uninvited & Uncuffed.





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