review: bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base


When applying makeup to your face, it’s important to prep your skin before so that your makeup sets well onto your skin for a flawless finish and also just basic skin care is important so that you have a great canvas to apply your makeup. Primer is one of the products that helps you to prep your skin.

Primer is applied underneath your makeup so before you apply your foundation, you apply primer first. Primer smoothens out your skin and fills in the fine lines so that your foundation application is perfect and also lasts longer. Honestly it has taken me a while to understand the need and benefits of primer, for the longest time I felt like it was just an extra product that I had to buy, that was expensive and also wasn’t really necessary. So if you are in the same line of thought that I was then this post is for you.


I currently use two primers and one of them is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base which moisturises my skin and also has a built in primer. It contains vitamin C and shea butter which hydrate and soften the skin. It has a light pleasant smell, applies well onto skin, absorbs quickly and isn’t heavy or greasy on the skin. I have seen a difference in my makeup application where before I would just apply my moisturiser and then foundation and now using primer. My foundation application is smoother, the finish looks way better and it lasts longer. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is on the expensive side, the 50ml jar is R895.

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