lush bath bombs: 3 reasons to get them

bath bombs

A few months ago I walked into the Lush store in Rosebank (The Zone in Rosebank) and bought a haul of their bath bombs. Now I don’t really bath that often ( I shower), in fact bathing is a treat for me, a moment to relax and reflect when I have the luxury of time to dedicate to it. It also has to happen once my son is in bed, just yesterday he saw me walking into the loo to pee and followed me in with a big smile on his face, clearly it’s amusing to invade my privacy like this all the time.

Bath bombs contain essential oils and fizzle out once they come in contact with water. They release an amazing fragrance, colour the water that they are in and release the oils and other ingredients that they contain.

  1. Lush bath bombs are really pretty. Aesthetics are important in my bathroom, they look amazing stacked up in a bowl, like giant sweet balls.
  2. They add a pleasant smell to your bathroom and home, the sales assistant in the store told me to put some of them in my closet so that every time I open it, I get a whiff of goodness. She was right, my closets smell really fresh.
  3. They make taking a bath more of an indulgence. The change in the colour of the water makes me feel like I am in a beauty editorial photo shoot.

Lush has a variety of options to choose from, they differ in ingredients, fragrance and overall experience, I was like a kid in a candy shop. It’s important to take your time selecting them and in my experience the sales assistants are always willing to help those who aren’t really familiar with their products. The bath bombs also range in price, I spent between R50 – R70 for each one that I bought. I will share another post of me using them, I am just trying to get through the haul!

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