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baby hotel

At the beginning of 2018 my husband and I had an event that we had planned to attend, my nanny had gone home for the holidays and was meant to be back before this event took place. As most mommies would be able to relate, my nanny didn’t come back on the date that we had agreed on and now I was stuck in a position where I had an event to attend and I had no one to look after my child. We had just moved back to Johannesburg at the time from Durban and in Durban where most of our family is based, we had an awesome support base. I could leave my child with my mother-in-law, ask my mother to come over to stay with us and look after him and sometimes even my brother would babysit for us. In Johannesburg, we don’t have that support framework so we were really in a bind.

I then remembered an old friend of mine telling me about a Baby Hotel years ago where she had taken her child when she was in a similar situation. I googled it and discovered that it still existed. I called them on the morning of the event and they were happy to accommodate me and look after my child for a few hours.

Now what you have to understand is that this facility is not called a Baby HOTEL just because it sounds fancy, it actually comes at a cost. They offer various options where, you can leave your child for a few hours, a full day, overnight or a weekend. I intended to leave my son there for three hours, my husband and I were basically planning to show face at the event and leave because we hadn’t planned to be nanny-less. As black people functions go, we ended up being there for about 5-6 hours because the event started late. So I ended up paying a full day fee plus a registration fee that enabled us to be on their database and be able to use their services again if we required them. They fed him and played with him whilst he was there and I paid between R700 – R750 (yikes!).

They are based in Morningside, Sandton and I think it’s a service that suits people who don’t have a family support system in Johannesburg to help with their baby, sometimes you have nanny drama like I did and are expected to be at work, this service can be a temporary solution for you in the interim. My nanny did come back eventually 2 days later and I was R750 poorer.

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