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BOOST! Skin Serums were developed by a Plastic Surgeon, Prof Tim Christofides, he has worked with several well-known skin care brands before developing his own serums. I love serums and I blogged about them here. You can read about when and how I use serums and the benefits of serums.

I tried two of the six serums that are available in the range, GLOW and QUENCH because I have dry and dull skin and wanted to hydrate my skin and have brighter looking skin. The range also has a CALM variant which soothes the skin, a CLEAR variant which is best suited for oily skin, an ENERGIZE variant which revitalizes skin and a SMOOTH variant which helps you achieve a polished look.


I have used the QUENCH serum daily for the last three weeks which is more than I have used the GLOW to be honest, reason being that dryness is a bigger concern for me. The serums do not contain fragrances or artificial colours and its one of the reasons I struggled to use the GLOW because the smell of it did not agree with me.


In the first week of using the QUENCH serum, my skin broke out, I had a few pimples as well but this always happens when I try new products, it’s as if my skin needs to break them into my system first. In week 2 my skin started getting used to it and going back to its normal self. In week 3 is when it has started responding to the serum and I am starting to see a difference. My skin has cleared out and is feeling soft and supple. I have the before and after pictures below. My skin is clearing up and feels more hydrated.

boost before and after

I am going to carry on using it and I am expecting my skin to respond even better. #boostyourskin #boostskinserum


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  1. March 26, 2018 / 5:16 am

    Quench & Glow would be my preferred Serums for my skin. #RubyBox #BoostSkinSerum #boostyourskin

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