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Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day and the wedding dress plays a key role in ensuring that. You can either buy a wedding dress, hire it or have it made, I chose to have mine made. I spent months on websites, wedding magazines and going to bridal shops looking for a dress that I loved. I eventually found a picture of what I wanted on Instagram, a simple long-sleeved lace dress (pic below).

instagram wedding dress


I approached Zama Mathe of Zarth Designs to have it made. I had seen some of her designs and loved them so I thought she would be the best person to execute my vision. She didn’t just do that though, she exceeded my expectations by adding detail and small touches that made the dress my unique creation. Here are a few tips for having your dress made:

  • Prioritise the fittings, these are the moments when you can see your dress come to life which is very exciting. It also ensures that the designer can progress forward with making dress.
  • Plan to have the dress ready a week or two before your wedding day, the less stress you have the better. When the designer asks you for a wedding date give them the date two weeks before the wedding. (You can also have time for alterations if you gain or lose weight).
  • With the final date in mind for when you require your dress to be ready, work your way backwards and approach the designer a year to 9 months before the wedding to find out how much it would cost, what fabric would work best etc.
  • You also need to give the designer enough time for the both of you to agree on a final design, source fabric and accessories so if you approach them late for one they might already have too many dresses and cannot slot you in or you will end up settling for a design and fabric that doesn’t necessarily match your vision.



I hope this helps. I loved my wedding dress, in fact I have kept it and I am not planning to let it go anytime soon. Zarth Designs also designs really gorgeous wedding gowns, you can follow them on Facebook, Zarth Designs and on Instagram @zarth_designs.


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