a traditional twist


On the 6th of January, I attended a traditional wedding in the South of Johannesburg, a lovely way to kick off the year by celebrating love. I didn’t really have a plan for an outfit so I had to pull something together from my closet. I have a habit of buying clothes that I really love but don’t have an occasion for at the time and saving them for an occasion. This was the case with the yellow dress I wore. I bought it from Zara in the summer of 2016 and it was the second time that I was wearing it at the traditional wedding.


My traditional head dress I bought from King Shaka International Airport years ago for my own traditional wedding and my beaded arm bands are from Ntozinhle Accessories (@ntozinhle_accessorize on Instagram). My earrings are from TopShop and my sandals from Zara. I am wearing MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Rich and Restless and I used the MAC Fruit Cocktail lip liner to line my lips.


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