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During the holidays we took our son to the Johannesburg Zoo. It was my second trip to the zoo, the last time I was there for a fun walk that was organised by a company that I worked for years ago. The Zoo has had quite a few changes, the more obvious being the new parking lot with multiple levels. We went there on quite a hot day and we arrived during most of the animal’s lunch time which ensured that we managed to see most of them because they tend to hide in shady areas when it is that hot. We saw the following animal’s giraffe, zebra, buffalo, elephants, gorilla, monkeys and sleeping lions. I learnt a few things with my visit that I wanted to share with you guys:

  1. The zoo felt like a maze, we had no idea where we were going. They do have a brochure that you can use to navigate your way around but we opted not to use it thinking we could manage without it. There is signage which is also helpful that tells which animals are close by. It is just bigger than we thought and it can easily be frustrating if you don’t know this upfront.
  2. With it being so big it is quite a walk so it is important that you wear comfortable shoes otherwise it will be a very unpleasant experience for you. There are shuttles available that you pay to use otherwise it is a lot of walking.
  3. If you visit on a very hot day, wear sunscreen, caps and sunglasses. It is quite an open environment which means lots of exposure to the sun.
  4. Great for picnics, there are quite a few play areas for the kids as well as picnic spots so you could make it a day event for your family and enjoy a picnic there as well.


It is a great day out for your kids if you’re looking for entertainment for them especially the little ones, they really enjoy identifying the different animals. You also don’t have to drive far outside of Johannesburg, it is conveniently located within Johannesburg suburbs of Parktown. Entrance fee is quite reasonable  at R80 for adults and R50 for children 3 years and older.







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