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We all dread shaving in summer! I am quite hairy and if I could afford to consistently wax my entire body throughout summer I would so in the interim my go to hair removal solution is shaving gel and blades. I received a package from Loving Touch and honestly they are not my go to brand or part of my consideration set so the experience of using their products was new for me as well.

I shave in the shower, so I applied the shaving gel onto my legs and thighs, it applied really well especially considering that I have thick legs. I then used the blade to shave off the hair, I didn’t have to do multiple shaves in one area and it removed all of the hair and shaving cream in one or two strokes maximum. I have pictures below of my legs before the shave and after the shave for you to see the performance of the Loving Touch range. The blade has a soothing vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip which reduces irritation and moisturises you as you shave. The Loving Touch products do the job successfully at really affordable prices.

before and after

The Loving Touch Sensitive Foam and Gel 200ml that I used is R43.99 and the Loving Touch Allure blade is R38.99 and includes 2 razor cartridges that you can use to replace. You can follow Loving Touch brand on Facebook for more details, the page name is Loving Touch Shave. Stay #summersmooth with Loving Touch.

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  1. Sharon Wilkinson
    January 16, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    You look so good chilling on the floatie …. oh for the holidays.

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