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Every bride needs the best glam squad, people that will not only ensure that she is looking and feeling her best on her big day but also people that she can rely on. A critical component to the glam squad is the makeup artist. Prior to my wedding I had a few cultural events (my husband and I are both Zulu) and I used the same makeup artist for all of these events and eventually on my wedding day. This enabled me to assess her work and her reliability and she delivered every time.

  • Narrow down your options to at least 3 makeup artists and at least in this day and age there’s Instagram where you can go and review their work to check if it appeals to you
  • Setup a makeup trial, this is important, you have to have a makeup trial to ensure that you are not disappointed on your big day. This is also an opportunity to review the makeup artists reliability, if they are late for the trial with no reason and do not prioritise you, then they definitely will not prioritise you on your wedding day. This is the kind of stress you do not need no matter how good they are.
  • Be open to trying new things. My makeup artist recommended that I wear fake lashes, initially I was dead sent against it. During my makeup trial she convinced me to just try them and I agreed to humour her, they were so uncomfortable. I left them on for most of the day and by the time I had to take them off I had forgotten that I had them on, plus they accentuated my eyes. So I ended up wearing fake lashes on my wedding day!
  • Makeup artists have to arrive early in the morning on your wedding day, if possible ensure that she stays with you at the venue overnight then at least you know that there’s zero chance for them to be late.
  • If you can, ensure that the artist stays throughout the wedding so that they can do touch ups between the ceremony and the reception, you will be taking a lot of photo’s so it doesn’t hurt to ensure that you are consistently flawless.
  • Enjoy your day!




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