dermalogica daily microfoliant

daily microfoliant

The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is basically an exfoliator that is in a rice-based powder form. You apply it onto wet hands and it activates when it comes into contact with the water. It becomes a paste when you rub your hands together and you apply it on to your face as you would a face wash. I normally use it after using my face wash, it removes dead skin and leaves my skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.

I discovered it when I had booked a facial at the Oyster Box in Umhlanga, the beauty therapist who conducted my facial recommended it to me because she found my skin was dry and I also had some dead skin on my face. She tried it on my face and showed me the results and I decided to buy it. What I also appreciate in the microfoliant is the value for money, I bought the 75g bottle (R1020) 8 months ago and it is still not finished. I use it at least twice a week. It is definitely one of my favourite products and if you do consider using it, I would suggest you sample the product first to ensure that it’s suitable for your skin. Sorbet beauty salons across the country stock Dermalogica products and you can most likely buy it from there.

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