eucerin atocontrol

eucerin atocontrol

My father has eczema and he passed it on to me and I then passed it on to my son. I initially struggled to find a lotion and cream that would be mild enough for his skin but also address dryness and sensitivity of baby skin. Baby skin is so delicate and prone to dryness and I was very apprehensive of the heavily fragranced mass ranges and the sensitive products did not address his dryness.

I personally use Eucerin on my skin especially in winter and during change of seasons which is when eczema is most rife for me. I stumbled upon Eucerin AtoControl lotion whilst shopping for my own Eucerin products. The pack clearly stated that it was suitable for babies and this is what compelled me to try it on my baby. My son is turning 3 years old next month and we started using Eucerin since he was 18 months old, his skin is soft, nourished and hasn’t had a breakout. It has also managed his itching which would occur mostly during breakouts. It’s definitely worth trying for mommies who have babies with eczema and are looking for a product that address the abovementioned issues.

Happy baby = happy mommy 🙂

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