Revlon colorstay eye liner

revlon eye liner

I recently bought a Revlon Mascara and it came with a free black Colorstay eye liner. I had never used the Revlon eye liner and it has been laying around with my other makeup products waiting its turn to be used and that day recently finally came. I use eye liner daily, I feel like my eyes are naked without it (don’t judge me!) and I love how it accentuates the shape of my eyes. It is really important to me to have the right colour density as well as lightness to enable me to play around with it and try different things.

The Revlon eye liner meets my requirements and after using it for the first time, I just stood in front of my bathroom mirror thinking, ‘why, why why have I not known about this for sooo long?!’. Anyways it has been discovered and I cannot stop using it, in fact I now want to try their brown eye liner just for a different look. Another thing that I love about this liner is that it lasts all day, in fact sometimes when I wash my face at night it doesn’t completely come off and I can still see traces of it the following morning. The brand promises that it is waterproof, doesn’t smear, smudge or fade and it does deliver on this promise.

The liner also has a sponge on the one end and honestly I have not used the sponge and I probably won’t. I read that it helps with creating a smoky eye and I am just not a smoky eye kind of girl. I would probably use it to apply eye shadow. So if this is a great added benefit for you, then you will love this liner.


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