my first airbnb experience


My husband and I had a trip planned to Cape Town in December and for some reason we left the accommodation booking up until the last minute and because Cape Town is a key destination in December for a lot of people, accommodation became very difficult to find. I knew about Airbnb but had never had a reason to use it or try it so I thought this might just be the perfect solution. It’s not like I had a lot of options anyway.

I visited the website ( which was very user friendly and also learnt that there was an app so I downloaded it as well. The key difference for me with Airbnb is that you can customize your stay whereas hotels offer you standard accommodation with standard amenities. On the website you select your location, dates for when you’re travelling, the type of accommodation you’re looking for and a whole host of other filters that can really help you customize your stay.

We chose to stay in Stellenbosch for the first few days and in the Cape Town CBD for the last few days. I communicated with my hosts via the app. The first place that we stayed at had a really hands on host, she was there when we arrived, showed us around and told us where all the closest tourist attractions were. For our second place, we didn’t even meet the hosts, they gave us clear directions on where to get the keys and where to drop them off.

Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing, the costs. You select the fee range that you are willing to pay and the accommodation options will be aligned to that range. So it works out being very cost effective depending on what you’re looking for. I highly recommend that you try it out, it’s a global service so the options are endless. It definitely felt cozier than a hotel and I don’t think we will be booking a hotel in Cape Town for a while to come. I saw so many cool places on Airbnb that I would love to stay at.



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