Tresemme Botanique

I cut my hair at the beginning of this year after deciding to grow out my natural hair. I must say that it has been quite a journey and I have learnt so much about my hair (mainly patience!). I have really enjoyed trying out the variety of products that are now available for natural hair. I am currently using the Tresemme Botanique range which is suitable for natural hair, has low sulphates and is silicone free.

I love the transparent shampoo it cues cleanliness and delivers on it. My hair is super curly to the point where it literally knots itself into dreadlocks. If I use the Botanique conditioner after having combed out my hair it is guaranteed to coil back into its natural curly dreadlock form. The conditioner also leaves my hair feeling soft and stronger. After use though I have found that these products also leave my hair a bit dry.

So I started using the Tresemme oil elixir which I still had from over a year or two ago. I have been using it as a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) before I wash my hair and the results have been fantastic. Post wash my hair feels unbelievably soft and nourished. The combination of these three products is magic for my hair. The oil also smells really good and that scent carries through the wash. If you are using the Botanique range or are considering it, I would highly recommend combining the experience with the Tresemme oil and the great thing is you can also use the oil as a post wash treatment.

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