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face mask

Face masks are currently trending in the beauty streets and the Pilaten Blackhead Remover face mask is one of the popular ones. I do not have a prevalent blackhead problem so my expectations for this face mask were quite low. I also do not use facemasks that often unless if I am getting a facial done so I was a bit apprehensive about applying it fully on my face and chose to just apply it over my nose and cheeks.

I first steamed my face by filling my bathroom sink with hot water and put a towel over my head, the proper darkie way. The steaming process was to open up my pores.

I then applied the face mask on my face, a thin layer. I then waited for about 20 minutes for it to dry. To remove it, I started by stretching my face, like face gymnastics and the edges of the mask loosened up. I then started peeling it off and it is such an awesome feeling, it literally just came off. My skin felt amazing, it was super smooth. I cannot wait to do it again and this time I will be applying it all over my face.

You can buy the face mask here.

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