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Sooo these sprays are a hit in my household, we do not want to go back to life before them! Vaseline launched moisturizing sprays in their three current lotion variants, Cocoa Radiant, Aloe Soothe & Deep Restore. All you do is spray the moisturizer onto your skin and then rub into your skin. With normal lotion you pour it into your hands, rub it across your palms and then apply onto your skin. Sprays save you time because you spray the product directly onto your skin and rub it in. This is the biggest benefit for me and I love using it mostly after my evening shower because I don’t want to spend a lot of time applying lotion onto my skin.

I have dry skin and the moisture level of the sprays is light so it’s not a product I would use on a cold winter day but it would be perfect for a summer day and evenings.

I think men will really love this product because of the time-saving element and it is fuss free. My husband doesn’t use anything else after trying the sprays hence they are now a staple part of our monthly shopping. I think the best recommendation for me is to just try it

The sprays retail for R92.95. You can buy the product from Clicks and Dis-Chem.

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